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Child Care Connection

  • Works with community leaders to measure child care services available
  • Provides consultations with local corporations
  • Provides technical support for new child care businesses
  • Manages an extensive lending library for parents, child care providers, and teachers
  • Works collaboratively with community agencies on issues relating to Early Childhood Education

If you are involved in a related project, contact us to see how we can help. Call 800-407-5437 or 330-376-7706 and ask for Amy McLaughlin, or email your contact information with a brief explanation of your program.


Community Needs Assessment

Child Care Connection can assist you in gathering statistical information on child care availability in a certain zip code area. A needs assessment can provide you with information about the supply of care including type of programs, age group capacity, care by shift.

A needs assessment will also include number of calls Child Care Connection has received from parents looking for care in that zip code area, with specifics to age group of children and time requests.. So if you are looking to open a Child Care Center, a needs assessment is a good beginning. Call for details—800-407-5437 or 330-376-7706—or email your contact information with a brief explanation of what you need, and a Child Care Specialist will contact you. Fees may apply.


Supply/Demand Report

Often community agencies need to have accurate information about the supply and demand for child care in a specific area. Child Care Connection can provide you with this information, as it applies to our region. If you would like information about the supply/demand for child care, call for details—800-407-5437 or 330-376-7706—or email your contact information with a brief explanation of what you need. A Child Care Specialist will contact you. Fees may apply.



In order to work and support their children, families need quality child care that is affordable, reliable and nurturing. And in order to get optimal performance and productivity from their work force, businesses need their employees to have access to that kind of child care.

In fact, everyone in the community has a stake in child care-just as we do in schools, law enforcement, fire departments and health care. Child care is not just a concern for parents. It affects every community member, sooner or later.

Studies show that parents who have consistent, affordable, quality child care are less likely to be absent from work or to leave their jobs. They are also more productive while at work. Without reliable child care that they trust, employees frequently feel torn between their responsibilities as parents and their responsibilities on the job.

What can employers do?

  • Provide  information from professionals about how to find the right child care
  • Provide information on how to achieve an effective balance between work and family
  • Provide temporary adjustments in work hours can help a family through a time of crisis and build loyalty to your company.

What services can Child Care Connection provide to employers?

  • Free consultation for employees who need help finding child care or child development advice or referrals to assistance to help pay for child care
  • Information on the Ohio and the Federal employer child care tax credit
  • Provision of on-site seminars for employees on finding quality child care and child development

As a civic-minded employer, you may desire to contribute to your community by advocating for high-quality child care and early education. Studies consistently show that nurturing environments and appropriate stimulation during early childhood will produce greater success in school and in adult life. The results improve economic outlooks for communities and for our society as a whole. Click here for more information on being a voice for children and families.

Link to Find Your Federal and State Legislators

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